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How Transpire supports Effective Directors

It may once have been true that a strong corporate background and depth of sector experience would be enough to enable a Director to be effective. 

The complexity of 21st Century business now makes this almost impossible. Even deep and highly successful sector experience will not prepare someone fully for the challenges Directors face. From Corporate Governance to Cyber Security, from Risk Management to Diversity and Inclusion, Directors need up to date knowledge and thinking and a commitment to improving their own skills.

Directors and aspiring Directors need humility and openness, alongside the flexibility required to adapt as markets change. Directors must also be clear about what their board levels skills are and what “their offering” is. As the business world changes, so must Directors and aspiring Directors.

Transpire offers a range of essential tools and services to equip Directors for the next stage in their career journey.


Transpire’s Membership services are:

  • Access to CPD Accredited Director Training Sessions.
  • The opportunity to network with fellow Directors .
  • Access to the Knowledge Hub: A deep and wide-ranging resource covering every important aspect of being an effective Director.
  • Job Opportunities:Paid and Pro Bono opportunities for Directors and Trustees.
  • Your Transpire buddy:- Get introduced to someone in the Transpire network to share your experience.

Other Value-Add services available to all Transpire members at an additional cost:

  • One to One Coaching Programme: A bespoke programme with a Transpire Coach (click here) to to re-evaluate your offering, hone and refine your board level skills and to create your Board ready CV.
  • Board CV development
  • Application due diligence.
  • Portfolio Optimisation Matrix – A Gap Analysis review to identify which skills and/or types of role are needed to be developed/secured to move your portfolio to its optimum configuration. Your Director Road Map will ensure you keep on track!

Transpire Services

Transpire Membership Services
Transpire offers a range of services to support you on your Director journey. Membership provides you with the opportunity for group and self-guided learning.   You can supplement them with personalised options to suit your particular requirements.


Board Training and Networking

Transpire’s CPD and Networking Programmes bring together a group of highly regarded industry leaders alongside a panel of experts presenting to and debating with the programme delegates on key industry topics. Relevant to every Director and NED, these sessions also offer peerless opportunities to develop your board level network. There will normally be 12 sessions per year in London, Bristol and Cardiff.

All Board Training sessions are FREE to Members and there are often a limited number of Guest places.

Please click the Book Board Training button below to choose your most appropriate venue and register to attend.

The Knowledge Hub

The Transpire Knowledge Hub has been built over several years and is now an invaluable resource for any Director.

The Knowledge Hub contains Board Training videos, presentations and notes, reference documents, important press and periodical articles provided by renowned industry and sector experts. 

The Hub is divided into nine critical areas: Board Governance, Cyber Security, the Role of the Chair, Finance for non-Finance Execs, Digital Transformation, Scale-Ups, Diversity and Inclusion, Giving Back and Board Effectiveness.


Job Opportunities

As a Transpire Member, you’ll receive a regular update on Director and Trustee openings. 

These could be advertised opportunities, roles which come through our recruitment partner NuRole or opportunities exclusive to Transpire. We are often asked to recommend suitable Directors and Trustees by people in our Network and we are occasionally commissioned to run an entire recruitment process.

Personalised Services for Transpire Members

No two Director journeys are the same. In a dynamic and unpredictable business world, even highly successful and accomplished executives can find themselves in unexpected circumstances. 

Transpire has developed a suite of personalised services including 121 and Group Coaching, Board CV remodelling, the Portfolio Optimisation Matrix and support during a Board level application process.

To find out more, email tony.stubbs@transpireuk.com.


  • Tony, it was a good group so they were a joy to help.

    Bryan Foss - Non-Exec Director

  • Dear Tony,  many thanks for a great evening – enjoyed the atmosphere, discussion and the advice.

    Jane Williams - Non-Exec Director

  • Good session yesterday and interesting speaker as always.

    Paul Williams - Transpire Member

  • Chair as Mentor was the best session I have attended so far. Very insightful.

    Sarah Frost - Coach/Mentor

  • The Board Assurance session I found the most useful as, really for the first time, it introduced me to the Corporate Governance Code and the FPC. I felt David Styles really brought the subject to life.

    Neil Baines Thomas - Coach/Mentor

  • Great topics of interests (plus I was on the panel) – diversity and inclusion are current topics which many organisations are failing to address properly. Some are still uncomfortable talking about the subject with faces like they are sucking lemons.

    Vivienne Aiyela - NED/Transpire Member

  • Thanks, I enjoyed last night and found it very interesting and thought-provoking. You really have got your offering just right to meet my needs, and it will be a pleasure to continue working with you.

    Cheryl Watts - Transpire Member

  • Hi Tony, It was a real pleasure to meet you on Tuesday…..you led a great session, which was thoroughly informative! Thanks so much for the introductions. Keep in touch 🙂

    Rav (Bumbra) - Transpire Member

  • Hi Tony Great to meet you today. Really informative and useful session. Looking forward to learning more in the future about NED roles and maybe taking one up!

    James Mcnamara - Natwest

  • Thank you very much for inviting us and hosting a great session. The audience were very engaging and their feedback was very valuable.

    Vipul Mishra - CEO/Founder - Neotas

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