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Recruitment Process Review

Our recruitment partner Nurole’s innovative search platform allows us to deliver a high quality, bespoke and affordable process that greatly enhances the “reach” of your role search. This approach allows you to access the networks of those who have been recommended on to the Nurole platform, a unique form of “quality control”.

A successful recruitment process requires 3 key steps:

1 – Where does it hurt?

To ensure a new NED/Trustee adds value you need to identify what pain points/issues the business/charity faces. We’ll meet to understand your specific needs, your business model & strategy and to gain insight into the “softer” aspects, such as cultural fit.

2 – Create the Job Description

A vital step in promoting the role which Transpire will help with. The clearer you are with your requirements, the greater your chances of finding the “right” person. However, a critical balance needs to be struck between being specific in terms of sector/functional background etc and the risk of overlooking some potentially great candidates.

3 – Define the Hiring Process

Transpire will help you define your process and contribute as required. We suggest forming a Hiring Committee to help with the administration and objectivity of the process.

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