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Transpire exists to bridge the gap between a successful executive career and serving on the Board. The people who run the organisation, who provide the coaching and training, who lead our Faculties and who speak at Transpire sessions are all experts in their field. 

Transpire Core Team

Tony Stubbs
Transpire’s Founder and CEO

Tony is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants who has served as FD/CFO for businesses in a broad range of sectors …

Sarah Frost

A Non-Executive Director of Alliance Homes Group , Sarah also sits on their Audit & Risk Committee. She is a Treasurer and Trustee for the……. 

Neil Baines-Thomas

Neil is an independent consultant specialising in regulatory change and performance development mainly within the financial services industry….

Francesca Ecsery

Portfolio Non-Executive Director / Chairman / MD / GM with 30+ years experience in both blue chip …

Rebecca ‘Becks’ Ganz

A high performing Non-Executive and compelling strategy advisor to Boards, C-Suites and Entrepreneurs… 

Meet the Thought Leaders leading our Faculties

Gary Storer
Coaching and Mentoring Faculty

Gary has an MSc in Executive Coaching, & works with leaders & future leaders in public and private sectors via his new venture ……..

Bryan Foss
Risk Management Faculty

Bryan Foss has 13 years’ experience as an independent NED on listed, public sector, NFP, startup, challenger bank and other boards….

Wendy J Barnes 
Cyber Security Faculty                 

Wendy J Barnes, a portfolio non-executive and an independent consultant in cyber security, has wide experience in utilities, security and defence sectors…

Marjella Alma
Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) Faculty

Marjella Alma is Co-Founder and CEO of Datamaran. She was previously a Director of the Global Reporting Initiative…….

Jean Pousson
Finance & Strategy Faculty

For the last 20 years, Jean has lectured and consulted on strategic planning and implementation, risk and finance to an international client base……

Natalia Blagburn
Venture Board Faculty

With a background in venture capital, Natalia is currently working at Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University, where she coaches teams of student…….

Hanif Barma
Co-Lead Risk Management Faculty

Hanif is the founder partner of Board Alchemy, a specialist governance consultancy……..

Simon Burke
Financial Services Faculty

Simon has over 30 years experience in financial services, and has been a Non-Executive Director since 2012…….

Sharon Critchlow
People, Culture and Wellbeing Faculty

Sharon is a ACCA Global Council Member and writer/speaker on the Future of Work at Discover your Bounce for Business…….

Mireille Ineza Karera
Africa Faculty

Mireille is Founder and CEO of KORA Coaching Group, a Coaching and Consulting company based in Rwanda and South Africa…….

Devyani Vaishampayan
Digital Transformation Faculty

‘Future of Work ‘ digital innovation specialist, Non Executive Director and Investment Fund Manager. Previously an international and multi-sector Group HRD…

Nigel Jones
People, Culture and Wellbeing Faculty

Nigel is the former Chair of the City Mental Health Alliance. Until April 2018, his primary professional activity was as a partner at Linklaters……


  • Tony, it was a good group so they were a joy to help.

    Bryan Foss - Non-Exec Director

  • Dear Tony,  many thanks for a great evening – enjoyed the atmosphere, discussion and the advice.

    Jane Williams - Non-Exec Director

  • Good session yesterday and interesting speaker as always.

    Paul Williams - Transpire Member

  • Chair as Mentor was the best session I have attended so far. Very insightful.

    Sarah Frost - Coach/Mentor

  • The Board Assurance session I found the most useful as, really for the first time, it introduced me to the Corporate Governance Code and the FPC. I felt David Styles really brought the subject to life.

    Neil Baines Thomas - Coach/Mentor

  • Great topics of interests (plus I was on the panel) – diversity and inclusion are current topics which many organisations are failing to address properly. Some are still uncomfortable talking about the subject with faces like they are sucking lemons.

    Vivienne Aiyela - NED/Transpire Member

  • Thanks, I enjoyed last night and found it very interesting and thought-provoking. You really have got your offering just right to meet my needs, and it will be a pleasure to continue working with you.

    Cheryl Watts - Transpire Member

  • Hi Tony, It was a real pleasure to meet you on Tuesday…..you led a great session, which was thoroughly informative! Thanks so much for the introductions. Keep in touch 🙂

    Rav (Bumbra) - Transpire Member

  • Hi Tony Great to meet you today. Really informative and useful session. Looking forward to learning more in the future about NED roles and maybe taking one up!

    James Mcnamara - Natwest

  • Thank you very much for inviting us and hosting a great session. The audience were very engaging and their feedback was very valuable.

    Vipul Mishra - CEO/Founder - Neotas

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