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Masterclasses & Workshops

Transpire’s Masterclasses and Workshops are an excellent introduction to the Transpire ecosystem.

Learning from eminent practitioners who can bring their “from the coal-face” expertise and experience to bear on the subject matter delegates can develop their understanding and hone their skills in the key areas needed to be effective Board members, whether in an Exec or Non-Exec capacity.

Transpire’s Masterclasses & Workshops are offered as both open or in-house Programmes, please register your interest by using the appropriate button below.

Elevator Pitch Workshop

Your Elevator pitch is a basic business skill you need to help you take advantage of every chance encounter or phone conversation where you have a limited time to convey your proposition.

This workshop helps you to distil your entire business proposition into a 1-minute ‘elevator pitch’ and attendees will leave with some experience of delivering a pitch.

There will be plenty of time to practice and develop your pitch with quality feedback

Outcomes: Delegates will know how to refine key messages, build a template for an elevator pitch and leave with some experience of delivering an effective pitch.

Finance Masterclass

Transpire’s Finance Masterclass is designed for non-financial senior managers and executives who need a practical appreciation and command of the basics of finance, financial management, corporate and management metrics and reporting financial impact.

This highly interactive programme includes role play, group exercises and practical examples.


  • A Director’s role and responsibilities in relation to finance
  • Introduction to financial statements and how to review them to identify key trends and business drivers
  • How key financial and non-financial drivers affect business strategy
  • Introduction to management accounting
  • How to evaluate the financial impact of a business case – opportunity costs, sunk costs and contribution
  • Apply your knowledge in a simulated business case
  • Understand how businesses are funded and how they manage risk
  • Understand what potential funders and/or acquirers of your business will be looking for and expect to see from a financial perspective.

Outcomes: Delegates will be equipped with the financial competency to review financial dashboards and contribute in Board meetings and with an improved ability to communicate financial priorities, measures and issues to benefit the business

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