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Open Session: Global NED Opportunities- 15th June 2021

How NEDs can help companies build Global Opportunities – 15th June 2021

We will be hearing the personal stories of two business leaders, Richard Leftley and Sam Tully, profiles below, who have been bold and brave about embracing international opportunity and have worked across the world or are building international businesses.  

This session is all about inspiring you to apply your experience to help companies seize global opportunities.  As COVID-19 vaccine programmes roll out across the world, we can begin to envisage the opportunities that will emerge over the next couple of years. What should businesses do to assure their resilient, sustainable recovery? What opportunities are there from Asia to Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Americas?

You will also have the opportunity to put your questions to a panel consisting of Richard and Sam, which will be facilitated by Simon Burke, FS Faculty Lead for Transpire, who has been a NED for companies in India, Egypt and The Gulf. 

Structured learning outcomes:

  • To flag issues that aspiring board members might wish to consider in internationalisation eg. due diligence, partnerships, cross-cultural differences
  • Challenges of going global quickly
  • What features can make Emerging Markets an attractive and compelling proposition?
  • What are the risks inherent in trying to access new markets?
  • What’s it like being an expat

Richard Leftley

EVP International, Micro Insurance Company

Richard started working on micro insurance in January 2002 when he joined Opportunity International a leading microfinance provider from Benfield Greig (now Aon Benfield), a global reinsurance intermediary. At Benfield he worked as a reinsurance broker responsible for the African account and worked in a team covering the Middle East and South East Asia.

Richard pioneered the introduction of insurance products within the Opportunity Network which lead to the establishment of MicroEnsure in 2006. As a leading insurance intermediary for the mass market, MicroEnsure provides life, health and weather index insurance to over 60,000,000 people in 16 countries in Africa and Asia. In July 2020 MicroEnsure merged with STP Risk and Tonka BI to form “The Micro Insurance Company”.

Richard also served on the steering committee of the ILO “Micro Insurance Innovation Fund” a $35m fund provided by the Gates Foundation and has served as a member of the Micro Insurance Network Board.


Sam Tully

Director – UK Business Development, Quantum Advisors

Sam has over 28 years of experience in India and Asian emerging markets.  A Cambridge Graduate and UK Chartered Accountant, he started his career in institutional equities with Robert Fleming in London in 1993, and then worked in India with their Asian counterpart Jardine Fleming from 1996 to 2000. Sam subsequently relocated back to the UK where he worked in equity sales, wealth management, and corporate broking with a number of firms before returning to Mumbai with Credit Suisse from 2015 – 2017.

Prior to joining Quantum Sam was the Senior UK Advisor for Spark Capital, a leading independent Indian Investment Bank.  He has a strong track record in advisory work, fund raising and an extensive network of Institutional contacts in Europe and Asia. His role now is to broaden Quantum’s investor base in the UK and to market the Value and ESG expertise unique to Quantum.

In addition to his professional assignments, Sam has acted as a Non-Executive Director for a Long Only India Listed Equities Fund and an India Venture Fund, and he is currently a Governor of UK Education Charity the Fund for Women Graduates, and a Trustee Director of Pratham UK, the UK entity of one of India’s leading Educational Outreach Charities.

Simon Burke

Simon has worked for FTSE 100 companies in life assurance, pensions, general insurance, asset management, and banking. He has led many M&A transactions in the FS Sector. He is currently Chair of an FS Risk Committee, and Chair of a retail investment company where he is an Approved Person on the FCA register.

The financial services industry is vast and encompasses companies engaged in payments, lending, insurance, broking, asset management, financial advice, accounting, and foreign exchange. Many Transpire Members work directly in financial services or have regulated financial services activities within their groups. However, even if you don’t, your business is likely to be dependent on the financial services sector both operationally and for raising short and long term capital and thus a good understanding of the sector can be considered essential. The financial service sector is also seeing the emergence of increasing governance responsibilities being placed on directors and these practises could soon form the basis of future corporate governance best practise across all sectors.

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