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11th May 14:00 (BST) Open Session: Board Oversight of ESG – how to use technology to improve decision-making

Come along to our open session on 11th May at 14:00 (BST)

Update 10/05/21: There has been a change to one of the speakers for this event.

For too long, corporate leaders didn’t have access to useful ESG risk and opportunity data. As the market has fully embraced ESG as business-critical, and materiality judgements are increasingly a Board responsibility, senior leaders are required to more adequately address the financial risks associated with emerging ESG issues.

Digital transformation empowers strategic decision-making, enabling executives to identify trends, remove blind spots and take ownership of external risks and opportunities, as is expected from corporate leaders.

Join this fireside chat with Dr. Donato Calace (Vice President of Innovation and Accounts, Datamaran) and Karen L. Coyne (most recently Vice President and Global Head of Environment, Novartis), and moderated by Tony Stubbs (CEO, Transpire – Global Director Network), to discuss the benefits of adopting a data-driven approach to strengthen Board oversight of ESG, and how digital tools help Board members and NEDs tighten the reins on ESG and tackle the challenge of external risk management.

About the speakers

Karen Coyne is a Fortune 200 Executive and experienced board director whose 30+ year career has been focused on the intersection of business and environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. With functional expertise in sustainability, environment, health and safety, and enterprise risk management, she has held a wide range of leadership roles across a number of sectors including pharmaceutical/biotech, energy, manufacturing, and industrials.

Most recently, Karen was Vice President and Global Head of Environment for Novartis, the Swiss global pharmaceutical company, where she led the company’s environment and sustainability activities. Karen held prior leadership roles in Novartis leading Health, Safety, Environment and Business Continuity operations for two divisions of the company.

Karen has a B.S. in Biology, M.S. in Environmental Management and is a Certified Professional Environmental Auditor (CPEA®).  She has lived and worked across five continents and currently resides outside Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Dr. Donato Calace is the Vice President of Innovation and Accounts at Datamaran, where he contributes to global innovation projects for the firm and leads the account strategy. Donato is a member of the EFRAG Task Force on non-financial reporting, and regularly engages with key institutions and regulators, such as the European Commission, ESMA, and the US SEC. Donato is a published author, and wrote the definition of materiality for the Encyclopedia of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, edited by Springer. His areas of expertise and research include materiality analysis, ESG integration, and risk management associated with non-financial issues. 

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