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Venture Board Effectiveness

On 30th March at 17:30 GMT we have our Venture Board Effectiveness event, by the Venture Boards Faculty. Hosted by Dr Natalia Blagburn.

This faculty brings together NEDs, advisors, investors, and founders of tech startup ventures, to a conversation about the importance of venture boards.

Over the past decade, venture capital-backed companies, such as Airbnb, Uber, and Deliveroo, have redefined industries and become highly valuable to the economies of many countries. Their boards of directors, as the main decision-making bodies, have been recognised to have a significant influence on strategy, funding, and personnel choices.

However, venture boards have so far been a bit under the radar in the corporate governance and NED community. And despite the growing acknowledgment of the importance of venture boards, their impact varies significantly from startup to startup, even within the same investment portfolio of a VC firm, and, sometimes, even when ventures have the same individuals on their boards.

As part of Transpire Faculty, my vision is to create a safe space for a very important discussion about venture boards, shining the light on their effectiveness, whether or not they actually add value, and if not, how to change that.

As part of member-only events in 2021, the Faculty will focus on two very important and practical issues: effectiveness and adding value.

The event on 30 March 2021 will open the ‘black box’ of venture boards and offer a framework for their effectiveness.

If you are a Transpire Member – head to MS Teams Venture Board Faculty channel for more information.

We look forward to seeing you at the event which will be using Microsoft Teams.

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