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Simon Burke

He has worked for FTSE 100 companies in life assurance, pensions, general insurance, asset management, and banking. He has led many M&A transactions in the FS Sector. He is currently Chair of an FS Risk Committee, and Chair of a retail investment company where he is an Approved Person on the FCA register.

The financial services industry is vast and encompasses companies engaged in payments, lending, insurance, broking, asset management, financial advice, accounting, and foreign exchange. Many Transpire Members work directly in financial services or have regulated financial services activities within their groups. However, even if you don’t, your business is likely to be dependent on the financial services sector both operationally and for raising short and long term capital and thus a good understanding of the sector can be considered essential. The financial service sector is also seeing the emergence of increasing governance responsibilities being placed on directors and these practises could soon form the basis of future corporate governance best practise across all sectors.