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Wendy J Barnes

Wendy J Barnes, a portfolio non-executive and an independent consultant in cyber security, has wide experience in utilities, security and defence sectors.  Wendy has been a Customer Services Director in United Utilities, Director General (DG) in the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), and a non-executive director in the MOD, government security and defence departments, Met Office, Ofwat, Southern Water, and the National Crime Agency. She also led the Enterprise and Finance Committee for Chester Cathedral for many years.

Currently Wendy is a non-executive director at the OCS Group, BMT Group and Scottish Power and an Associate Director of Templar Executives, who are leading cyber security specialists.  Wendy has chaired and been a member of several Audit and Remuneration Committees and has a particular focus on developing risk management and good governance, as well as helping organisations take on change in challenging environments.

As someone who has been very close to the government and private sector security area for many years, Wendy advises Boards of Government Departments, and UK and global companies on cyber resilience and information risk management.

Wendy is an angel investor in several technology related start-ups and enjoys helping the founding teams develop their approach to security, customer service, ethics and governance.